Cleaning Buddy Pumice Powder


  • Removes hard-water stains, limescale, calcium deposits, and rust
  • Works on toilet bowls, tiles, grills, pools, bathtubs, and ceramic surfaces


  • 🚽 EASY STAIN REMOVAL: Harness the abrasive power of pumice Powder cleaner to remove hard-water stains, limescale, calcium deposits and porcelain fixtures. Our pumice toilet brush not only great for toilet bowls but also works on tiles, bbq grill, pools, bath tubs and ceramic surfaces. Make your toilet bowel brand new without any scratches on the surface.
  • 🚽 POWERFUL PUMICE POWER: Our pumice cleaning Powder with cleaning power you won’t believe. This pumice Powder cleaner will tackle stains and water deposits that that traditional brushes and other cleaners cannot wash.
  • 🚽 QUICKY & EASY : Each pumice Powder can be sharpened into different shapes to clean the narrow edges and corners that other cleaning tools aren’t able to reach. Just dampen the pumice before use, then apply gentle pressure in straight motions. It’s that


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